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Choice Managed Mobile Looks at ROI for Managed Mobility Service

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

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Research has recently found that service providers who improve their net promoter score (NPS) were rewarded with a reduction in customer turnover. Happier customers and increased retention give a boost to the bottom line. The question is how exactly do you measure the results and the return on investment (ROI) of projects that are designed to improve customer experience, satisfaction and retention.

Some business can be reluctant to have to pay for managed mobility services and see it as an additional cost that comes on top of an already expensive enterprise mobile environment. While the cost of managed mobile services does represent a short-term increase, the enormous long-term cost savings that deliver ROI for managed mobility more than makes up for it and in the end the pays for itself.

Choice services can generate a strong return in the form of IT cost savings including reducing IT/Administrators resource costs and carrier service expenses. Choice can save your business over a three-year ROI up to 184 percent from its mobility management spending. Each month we analyse the mobile bills and complete tariff optimisation. We offer our customers complete control of their mobile estate resulting in savings of up to €1.8 million euro per annum.

An increase in calls to customer care can be revenue draining. At Choice we measure call volumes, call types, average handling times and their associated costs. When the reasons for an increase in calls are understood, proactive measures can be taken to minimize customer dissatisfaction, reduce costs and ultimately protect revenue. We encourage our customers to interact and share in the experiences that we have created for them. We provide quarterly and yearly reviews to ensure our customer requirements and needs are being met.

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